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Charile Sheen’s Agent/Manager…is a Mad Genius.

The rich get richer because they are smarter than you, more devious than you, and completely lacking in ethics and morals.  His agent and manager are slowly, and brilliantly with self-effacing humor, slip-sliding him back into our hearts. Below are the recent examples for your viewing enjoyment.  Anyone in the biz knows that film stars […]

South Park!!!!

ArtsBeat: ‘South Park’ Team to Keep at It for Five More Years Congratulations Trey Parker & Matt Stone.  You deserve it!  And thanks for Book of Mormon…it’s fucking brilliant.

Nurse Jackie Season 4 – Bobby Cannavalle

‘;Nurse Jackie’: Bobby Cannavale Books Major Guest Role for Season 4  The creators of Nurse Jackie, Linda Wallem and and Liz Brixius, know what they are doing in a big way.  Casting Cannavalle is pure genius – he can tell a story with few words.  I knew this guy was bound for greatness when I […]

House of Lies

Watch House of Lies…the jury is still out as to the longevity of this show but it’s most interesting character is the 10 year old boy, Roscoe (Donis Leonard Jr.) who is honestly in touch with his sexual side (he dresses like a girl), without apologies for who he is.  It’s a blatant and transparent attempt […]


This is such a great show about a highly dysfunctional family.  They completely lost and disgusted me when Frank blocked a woman friend from getting the heart she needed to stay alive…and she died.  It was just a sad show, for so many reasons, mostly because it was not funny at all.  They have now […]