Giving Up – How To Stop Undermining Your Life

Hello Enlightened Friends!

It’s been a minute! I’ve found myself giving up on this fight exposing the behemoth 12 Step Cult Religion and it’s rabid disciples. Sometimes it’s just too depressing a fight when the cultural hold, especially in the USA, Is so deeply imbedded, enduring the same ad hominem attacks ad nauseam. It’s enough to make it safer to just slink away in protection mode.

Sometimes we do need to protect ourselves from abusive people and for that, we should applaud ourselves. (Leaving the 12 step cult religion is one of those healthy times). Taking breaks is healthy. It’s when we sabotage our own true selves that trouble ensues. I know I am a perfectionist and when perfection is not reached, I tend to judge myself into giving up. Don’t know about you but I’d like to go a bit easier on myself. I do not have the same perfection expectations of anyone else, why so hard on myself? That’s a complicated question for each of us to answer for ourselves. The article linked below, the 10 reasons why you give up too easily, is extremely helpful as you’ll see.

No matter what the extreme brainwashing told you, you did not fail when you left the 12 step cult religion, you succeeded, you made a healthy move. It’s the prolonged trauma and damage that keeps you in a state of despair. The very idea there is any miracle set to happen at any second, if only you “keep coming back” and “don’t give up before the miracle” when there is no exit door and the only miracle is that the truth of this cult has not been exposed more, can lead you to quit bettering yourself. Thousand of people who have successfully left the 12 step cult religion are, years later, still baffled by the brainwashing hold. The battering you receive from brainwashed disciples only harms you more.

Don’t give up! You are better than you know based on the disempowerment of this cult. Fuck AA and while you can have compassion for those in the throes of the 12 step cult religion brainwashing, you can also keep your confidence in tact by sticking to all that you know and your power to stand up to their abuse. Your “best thinking” got you free. You can trust your ability to make healthy choices. You are perfectly imperfect without the BillShit “spiritual awakening” of the 12 step cult religion.

Thank you all for staying aboard for this ride and please, if you have ideas for topics in this work feel free to make suggestions. We need to support one another. We can help keep one another accountable to reach our goals, all of our goals, In the time we need to reach them without giving up in perfection mode.

Enjoy and keep coming back!

8 comments on “Giving Up – How To Stop Undermining Your Life

  1. True

  2. Love hearing from you, anytime you want! Thanks again


  3. Thank you for this post. It sounds about right. I still go to an occasional open meeting. I sit there and listen and watch new and long term people. I am always happy about my recovery and also I am happy with my family. Every time I figure I’m messed up I go to a meeting and then I realize I’m doing okay.

    6 years and 9 months without a drink seems like I might be doing something right, also because I’m happy, I am very content.

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  4. Keep remembering that the CULT of “12 Steppism” is NEVER OFFERING ANY GOOD THING! PERIOD! Any POS CULT that requires coerced attendance to fill its “rooms” and breeds a mindset of co-dependency, mental uncertainty, and worst of all, a NEVER ACHIEVABLE OBJECTIVE (“desiring to stop” vs. ACTUALLY FUCKING STOPPING!), is something that needs to be DESTROYED! If the flow of COERCED HOSTAGES fed into this cult’s rooms could be PERMANENTLY CUT OFF, its rehabs (and their “12 Step CULT curriculums”!) SHUT DOWN, and its practices actually be given the “expose” they deserve by a valid ANTI-12 Step media source, then this cult will NOT make it to 100 years of age (the fact that it is 83 now is 82 years too damned long!).

  5. Agreed. There is no such thing as a “valid Anti-AA media Source” unfortunately because so many media members are brainwashed into the 12 step cult religion lies and those who are not dare not ever expose the truth. This cult is pure evil and disciples are rabid abusers with nothing more important to do with their lives than devote themselves to their disempowering cult religion. If they stay sick and impaired, which they are in perpetually “in the rooms,” they never have to grow up.

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