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Religious NOT ‘spiritual’ – A legal case won in California against the 12 step cult religion

“(Hereinafter, a 12-step program will always refer to a religion-based treatment program.)” Please see link below for the court case legal documents.  As you will see, his parole officer is a stepper and threatened Mr. Hazle with prison time if he did not participate in the 12-step program at Empire Recovery Center in Northern California. […]

Iron Man – Alcoholics Anonymous Just some fun.  Please excuse the volume of posts lately.  We are traveling out of the country soon (PERU ! ) and will not be able to blog much.  Peace out peeps.

Water Here! Life There! Worth passing on – and working on creating more!

The Fix – Bankrupt and Shutting Down Read the two links provided.  This is a shame.  More and more The Fix was allowing open debate and features that revealed the damages behind the 12 step recovery industry.  The original founder Maer Roshan, is being blamed in some circles.  He was forced out when it was revealed that he was still […]

Stinkin Thinkin – The Murder of Karla Brada Thank you Dr. Stanton Peele.  Dr. Peele has been speaking the truth about the 12 steps for over 40 years.  He is a hero in this fight to expose the truth.  When I get disillusioned, he picks me up.

Control Your Alcohol Problem – Stab Your Wife 30 Times Here’s one.  After long term attendance in AA, he became a murderer.  “The jury was told Bewley’s marriage first began to break down when he successfully started to control his alcohol problem via regular attendance to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.” To CONTROL his alcohol problem?!?!  You mean, to go stark raving mad due to his […]

12 Step Programs – A Get Out Of Jail Free Card So this guy rapes a 14 year old girl and is sentenced to NA meetings for 10 years.  Her parents allow it.  Now he can “13th Step (rape)” all the women in NA and get away with it due to “anonymity.’ You are not safe in 12 step meetings.

Child Free To Be You And Me

You can choose to remain child free. Same-sex couples make superior parents. Yes, these two statements go together. Most people follow the course of their parents and their culture, without really making a decision for themselves. Most people go from being a son or daughter to being a husband or wife to being a father […]

Rape for Cocaine – Behavior of Members of AA/NA Yet another example of the kinds of folks attracted to the cult religion known as AA and the 12 steps.  “Defense attorney Patrick Robbins presented a witness who said that Kenney was a regular at Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings up until this event.”  Hmmmmm?  He then told the court, “She was doing […]

AA – How AA Steals Your Soul – by Robert Warner – a book review

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Usually, when you read a book about AA and the 12 steps, the author finds it necessary (cultural brainwashing if not personal indoctrination brainwashing) to claim that the ‘steps’ have worked for millions. They somehow seem to have the need to insist that they are […]