The Orange Papers Working Link

The brilliant Orange Papers have become more and more difficult to find. This link below works today and I do hope it stays that way. Happy Summer of 2021 to my powerful-beyond-measure Readers! Enjoy!

12 comments on “The Orange Papers Working Link

  1. So grateful to hear you are still doing this important work!!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Laura! Miss you!! 🥰

  3. I’m heart-broken. Link isn’t working for me.

  4. I’ve noticed some groups are more angry than others, but they are angry together, while smiling. It is like watching a movie with another movies audio playing. Something does not match up, yet few people point it out.

    I’ve noticed that the people “on meds” tend to segregate themselves and build wicked cliques. Mean spirited formations that lash out at others (especially non medicated people) but then quickly retreat back into their clique to gossip and generally to justify their mean spiritedness, together.

    Then the cigarette smokers. Is nicotine addiction really sobriety? Hopefully I do not get banned for suggesting that nicotine is addictive because some AA clique members become very angry to hear such talk.

    Then the women. The women talk trash and damage all kinds of peoples lives behind their backs, together as a team, they are mean. Then the 12 steps gives them a million ways to justify their awful abuses. Oh I did it because I’m an alcoholic, blah blah blah. There is always a way to justify their abuse, together as a team.

    You have to be careful in AA meetings. There are tons of losers and abusers that band together and the 12 steps has plenty of loose fitted reasonings for being harmful towards others.

    I think the two primary visible low-down indicators of somebody that can form a clique to lash out at you are: nicotine addiction, and anti-depressants. These two things infuriate sober people to hear anyone suggest that you cannot be sober if consuming them. They will go into attack and destroy mode if anybody suggests that chain smoking is not sobriety, and that psycho pharmaceuticals are not sobriety.

    I’ve noticed some leaders of groups sometimes high on acid, or high on Adderall and they keep claiming years and years of sobriety, leading meetings, being the speaker, and bullying select individuals. They will bully people that are actually sober, and of course they will gather their troops to bully together. Or they will just drink 12 cups of coffee and then be the speaker. And slug down energy drinks because those aren’t too bad. And smoke some weed secretly.

    Then you have clubhouses full of characters and power structures and celebrities.

    AA is a place that should not be court mandated. It can be very treacherous.

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