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Doing God’s Work – Tough Love Rehab

Aaron Bacon was a young man who died tragically from abuse and mistreatment at Northstar, a facility in Utah sold to parents as a ‘tough-love’ wilderness drug rehab for teens. The people who are attracted to running such programs are the same type of people you will find in 12 step programs.  People who are […]

Alcoholics Anonymous – Like Attracts Like Ever wonder what kind of people are attracted to the program known as AA and the 12 steps? Here’s an example. It’s a get out of jail free card. I’ll just keep posting stories like these until readers realize this is a dangerous cult religion. No matter what the fuck you believe, whether a […]

Stop Shoulding On Yourself

Moderation. Do you judge yourself harshly? Stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself. When we place ‘shoulds’ on ourselves – I should get up earlier, I should be working harder, I should be taking better care of myself, I should be making more money by now, I should not be enjoying myself on a Monday, fun is only […]

Troubled Teen Industry – Institutional Abuse

Please click on link below to learn more.  You can do something, even with just a few dollars or spreading awareness by sharing this link, and sharing the article here about Nick Gaglia. Your teen has not had enough time on the planet to be diagnosed ‘chemically dependent.’  They have had enough time however, to […]

This Is Your Brain – This Is Your Brain On Neuroplasticity

People used to think that planet Earth, was flat. Some people believe that once your brain is damaged or compromised, you can never regain those lost connections or cells. WRONG. Have you heard of Neuroplasticity? Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. Your brain performs this function throughout your […]

Nick Gaglia – The Cult – KIDS of North Jersey

Institutional abuse in the USA? President Obama, when speaking about torture at Gitmo, insists that there is no sanctioned torture in the USA.  Nick Gaglia disagrees. Nick knows better, as do thousands of victims and their families, who spent years in an organization that started out as Straight Inc., and then became KIDS of […]

The Efficacy of Blaming

Placing blame is counterproductive. I have three younger brothers. When we were kids, we did what all kids do … point the finger at the other guy when the shit hit the fan. Kids do this in order to avoid getting in trouble, and to look better than their sibling in the eyes of their […]

Emotional Development Stunted

A person can be chronologically older or even quite old, and have the maturity of a child. When someone suffers a trauma, or becomes a member of a cult, or is forced to someone else’s control, their emotional maturity is stunted. If someone was sexually, physically and/or emotionally abused, the stunting of their emotional growth […]

How To Find A Worthy Relationship

Men want security, love and commitment as much as women do. Women scare men however, when they become demanding, needy and make ultimatums. No man likes an ultimatum. When you meet a man you would like to date, keep the focus on you, your dreams, your goals … The bridge you are crossing to get […]

Hope For Life – Capital Punishment

State sanctioned death by lethal injection, electric chair, or any other form of capital punishment … makes killers of us all. It’s not that pedophiles and murders do not deserve to die, It’s that we can’t kill the killers without becoming killers ourselves. We, the members of a civilized society, can’t have it both ways. […]