Did You Fuck It Up?

  Some serious humor for a Sunday.  Enjoy.

Iron Man – Alcoholics Anonymous Just some fun.  Please excuse the volume of posts lately.  We are traveling out of the country soon (PERU ! ) and will not be able to blog much.  Peace out peeps.

Ryan Seacrest & Sacha Baron Cohen Oscar Ashes Ryan Seacrest spends more time on his hair and make up than most women.  He is PISSED in this video and acts as if he knew Sacha was going to do something…so as not to look a fool.  Ryan needs to lighten up.  What do you think?

When I die…

Funny video!

Happy Valentines Day!

Making fun of Shannon Doherty…she makes it so easy.

Education Connection Commercial – Featuring Shannen Doherty! It’s difficult to fathom why, oh why this is the best job she thinks she can get.  Or has she pissed on everyone who has ever tried to help her?  Either way, it’s just sad.  Enjoy!

Survive any disaster…

 Man lives off roadkill for 30 years* And people say the British are prudish and conceited!  Oh wait!  He’s Irish.  That changes everything, although if he were a genuine Irishman he would NEVER call Ireland the UK.  

Extremely important information-please view.

Funniest Commercial In History You’re welcome.


Bacon Lube Commercial (11/23/11) So fucking funny!  Enjoy.