Book review

12 Steps To Dead – A Book by Rolf Ankermann

All you need to know about what it is REALLY like to attend 12 step meetings is right here. As entertaining as this work is, it is also painful … because it is all so true. These kinds of experiences are nothing new to anyone who has ever spent any time in the roomz.  Whether the organization does […]

AA – How AA Steals Your Soul – by Robert Warner – a book review

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Usually, when you read a book about AA and the 12 steps, the author finds it necessary (cultural brainwashing if not personal indoctrination brainwashing) to claim that the ‘steps’ have worked for millions. They somehow seem to have the need to insist that they are […]

Her Best Kept Secret – by Gabrielle Glaser – a book review First of all, we should all be thanking Gabrielle for this most important work. It’s about time. For those of us who have been working for years to reveal the truth behind the lies of 12 step programs, this work is long overdue. Glaser’s perspective comes from a journalistic viewpoint. She has no horse […]