AA Claims of Being Self Supporting Through Contributions is a LIE

A quick truth vaccine for you enlightened folks who will and have certainly come across the “It’s free” lie.

For those times when the 12 step cult disciples spew the “it’s free” lie. Here’s the best response.

A Vaccine of Truth:

What about AA’s claim that: “There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions?”

According to Alcoholics Anonymous’ Annual Reports, if AA had to survive on the “contributions” from its membership, there would be no Alcoholics Anonymous. If only!

Alcoholics Anonymous’ revenues come primarily from commercially run alcohol rehabilitation programs. The rehabilitation programs, here in the U.S. pay Alcoholics Anonymous for books, other printed materials and AA paraphernalia.

The real Alcoholics Anonymous is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt money maker that reports to have $10,000,000 as a “prudent reserve.” Based on its own annual report the bulk of Alcoholics Anonymous’ annual revenues come from the profitable relationship with commercial alcohol rehabilitation programs. Programs that FAIL participants and blame them for not “working the program.” The ultimate gaslighting.

Thus, claiming that it is self supporting through its own contributions is at least, disingenuous, if not outright fraudulent.

The End. Keep coming back!

2 comments on “AA Claims of Being Self Supporting Through Contributions is a LIE

  1. This “AA based rehab “pipeline” must be well hidden (if it exists at all) exist. AA goes into rehabs for meetings & to bring literature. In my 32 years as an AA member, I’ve yet to run into any so called “AA rehabs”. They could do a better job of delineating where hospitals end, and where 12 step programs begin

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