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Menopause. By Laura Tompkins

Menopause. by Laura Tompkins Menopause feels as if your body is possessed by some alien…a nasty, evil and dehydrated alien who deprives you of any moisture to your eyes, cells, skin, vagina, well…you get the point. It feels as if this alien bitch is eating you alive from the inside out causing your eyes to […]

The Truth About Al-Anon

Stepper: “Well AA might be bad, but Al Anon is not AA.” Enlightened One: “No, you’re right, Al Anon is even worse.” Al Anon is a place for the family member (or anyone who ‘qualifies’) to go and find their ‘part’ in the other persons behavior. Excuse the fuck out of me? He was an […]

Orange Papers Regarding My Article – Good Stuff! This is a link you will find interesting.  The man who wrote the orangepapers wrote a response to this soberlawyer guy who wrote comments on my huffpost piece.  This soberlawyer was so angry…only proving my point that AA is a dangerous cult.  Enjoy!