Alcoholics Anonymous Destroys Self-Esteem and Self-Sufficiency

robin-williams-aa-meeting-pp1I have discovered that this programme known as Alcoholics Anonymous is dangerous in ways that may be difficult to understand.  Most people, in general, need to find self-love and empowerment.  Most people do not need to be beaten down and stripped of their power.  AA steals your soul and any chance you may have at fulfilling your dreams.  The indoctrination is so powerful that even brilliance is not recognized by the brilliant due to the abuse they suffered after spending time in AA.

I have been given permission to reveal the author and to post the following re-write of the 12 steps. If you have ever spent any time in the rooms you will recognize this chanting at the beginning of every meeting — but what follows is truth and not disempowering, dangerous, brainwashing dogma.  It is brilliance.

The New Twelve Steps —

RARELY HAVE they seen a person who has thoroughly followed their path. Those who do recover are usually people who have recognized AA as a dangerous religious cult, and will not give themselves completely to AA’s fanatical program. The AA Cult is constituted primarily of men and women who are constitutionally incapable of being honest with anyone… including themselves.

Some of them are not at fault; They were screwed the second they set foot into the church basement door. They were systematically indoctrinated into believing that alcoholics are naturally incapable of grasping and developing a manner of living which demands any type of honesty. They should still be held accountable for the behavior that has ruined so many lives. Many AA members suffer from grave emotional and mental disorders. The program requires that they believe alcoholics can never recover. Most of the people who quit drinking without AA have recovered in large part, due to their self-determination and ability to act rationally. Our stories disclose in a general way what We used to be like, what happened, and what We are like now.
If You have decided You want to leave Alcoholics Anonymous and are willing to go to any lengths to do it – then You are ready to take certain steps.

At some of these We were delighted. We were sure that We had found a more sound and reasonable way. With all of the earnestness at our command, We encourage You to be resolute and confident from the very start. Some of Us have tried to hold on to Our old AA ideas and the result was nil until We let go absolutely. Remember that WE deal with Alcoholics Anonymous – cunning, baffling, dishonest! Continuing the mental masturbation was too much for Us.

There is only one person who has the power to overcome your alcohol problem – that person is You. May You trust and believe in Yourself now! Delusions and superstitious nonsense availed Us nothing. We stood at the turning point. We learned to protect and care for Ourselves with complete Self-acceptance. Here are the steps We took which are encouraged as a course of action to escape the AA mind trap…

1. We decided We were “Not Powerless” over alcohol – that Our lives had become dominated by AA.

2. Came to understand that We were never as morally reprehensible as some AA members had led Us to believe.

3. Made a decision to turn and walk away from Alcoholics Anonymous forever.

4. Made a scorching and fearless indictment against AA as an organization.

5. Admitted to Ourselves and another Human Being that We had been ambushed into joining a religious cult.

6. Were entirely ready to relieve Ourselves of the self-defeating bullshit We were taught at AA.

7. Familiarized Ourselves with cult indoctrination tactics in order that We may never fall into a similar trap again.

8. Made a list of all AA-members who had harmed Us, and became willing to confront them all.

9. Called such people on their bullshit whenever possible, except when to do so would significantly injure them or others.

10. Continued to indict Alcoholics anonymous and when We were wronged promptly expressed our disapproval of it.

11. Sought scientific empirical evidence that could help Us to defeat addiction; focusing on Ourselves as the Power to carry that out.

12. Having been awakened from the AA nightmare as a result of these steps, We tried to carry this message to other victims of AA, so that everyone might know the truth about the Alcoholics Anonymous cult.

You are not alone.

Many of Us have been misled by the religion that claims not to be a religion. Some of Us suffered for years oblivious to the fact that AA offers no reliable or even sincere method to help alcohol troubled people to recover from addiction. When We felt hopeless. They used it against Us.

They told us We were powerless.
They did it to break Us down.
They did it to make Us unsure of Ourselves.
They did it to recruit new members for their religious cult.
We’re here to expose AA for what it really is. If You’ve tried AA over and over again, and You’re not getting the results you were promised, maybe it’s time You tried something else.
Think about it.

— Gunthar

Like I said — Brilliance.

However, many members (and ex-members), have an understandably difficult time deprogramming from all the scare tactics forced down their throats in AA.


You see, Bill Wilson was the kind of person who had to lie about who he was because he hated himself for very specific reasons, that we will never know — very specific reasons that he avoided facing his entire life. He avoided delving into his self-hate by becoming a guru, all the while acting as if he did not want to be a guru. He is the most brilliant guru of all time.

And since he hates himself so, rather than figure out why, he had to develop a program that would make its members hate themselves just as much, or hopefully more … to justify his hate-filled heart and to develop a posse of fawning disciples. Oh, and to 13th step (sexually harass) all the women.

Wilson had chronic depression and killed himself slowly with nicotine and then begged for whiskey on his death-bed — now that’s some SERIOUS SELF HATE.  Having compassion for him is fine as long as you refrain from following his path or from defending his cult religion.

Stay the fuck away from AA.

— Laura Tompkins


Giving Up – How To Stop Undermining Your Life

Hello Enlightened Friends!

It’s been a minute! I’ve found myself giving up on this fight exposing the behemoth 12 Step Cult Religion and it’s rabid disciples. Sometimes it’s just too depressing a fight when the cultural hold, especially in the USA, Is so deeply imbedded, enduring the same ad hominem attacks ad nauseam. It’s enough to make it safer to just slink away in protection mode.

Sometimes we do need to protect ourselves from abusive people and for that, we should applaud ourselves. (Leaving the 12 step cult religion is one of those healthy times). Taking breaks is healthy. It’s when we sabotage our own true selves that trouble ensues. I know I am a perfectionist and when perfection is not reached, I tend to judge myself into giving up. Don’t know about you but I’d like to go a bit easier on myself. I do not have the same perfection expectations of anyone else, why so hard on myself? That’s a complicated question for each of us to answer for ourselves. The article linked below, the 10 reasons why you give up too easily, is extremely helpful as you’ll see.

No matter what the extreme brainwashing told you, you did not fail when you left the 12 step cult religion, you succeeded, you made a healthy move. It’s the prolonged trauma and damage that keeps you in a state of despair. The very idea there is any miracle set to happen at any second, if only you “keep coming back” and “don’t give up before the miracle” when there is no exit door and the only miracle is that the truth of this cult has not been exposed more, can lead you to quit bettering yourself. Thousand of people who have successfully left the 12 step cult religion are, years later, still baffled by the brainwashing hold. The battering you receive from brainwashed disciples only harms you more.

Don’t give up! You are better than you know based on the disempowerment of this cult. Fuck AA and while you can have compassion for those in the throes of the 12 step cult religion brainwashing, you can also keep your confidence in tact by sticking to all that you know and your power to stand up to their abuse. Your “best thinking” got you free. You can trust your ability to make healthy choices. You are perfectly imperfect without the BillShit “spiritual awakening” of the 12 step cult religion.

Thank you all for staying aboard for this ride and please, if you have ideas for topics in this work feel free to make suggestions. We need to support one another. We can help keep one another accountable to reach our goals, all of our goals, In the time we need to reach them without giving up in perfection mode.

Enjoy and keep coming back!


AA Claims of Being Self Supporting Through Contributions is a LIE

A quick truth vaccine for you enlightened folks who will and have certainly come across the “It’s free” lie.

For those times when the 12 step cult disciples spew the “it’s free” lie. Here’s the best response.

A Vaccine of Truth:

What about AA’s claim that: “There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions?”

According to Alcoholics Anonymous’ Annual Reports, if AA had to survive on the “contributions” from its membership, there would be no Alcoholics Anonymous. If only!

Alcoholics Anonymous’ revenues come primarily from commercially run alcohol rehabilitation programs. The rehabilitation programs, here in the U.S. pay Alcoholics Anonymous for books, other printed materials and AA paraphernalia.

The real Alcoholics Anonymous is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt money maker that reports to have $10,000,000 as a “prudent reserve.” Based on its own annual report the bulk of Alcoholics Anonymous’ annual revenues come from the profitable relationship with commercial alcohol rehabilitation programs. Programs that FAIL participants and blame them for not “working the program.” The ultimate gaslighting.

Thus, claiming that it is self supporting through its own contributions is at least, disingenuous, if not outright fraudulent.

The End. Keep coming back!


The Orange Papers Working Link

The brilliant Orange Papers have become more and more difficult to find. This link below works today and I do hope it stays that way. Happy Summer of 2021 to my powerful-beyond-measure Readers! Enjoy!


Harmful Platitudes of the 12 Step Cult Religion

IMG_1146The entire idea that your perfectly normal feeling of anger is somehow a poison you are choosing to drink just by allowing the feeling… is a 12 step cult platitude designed to stop you from living in your immense power.  Reject the very idea that “anger is a luxury you alcoholic/addict cannot afford.”  Or the ever-popular “resentment is death.”  Anyone who attempts this platitude is trying to shut you up. Anyone who insists your feelings are not facts is abusing you.  Anyone who spews such nonsense is gaslighting you. The meme above sums is up perfectly.

What are some other abusive platitudes of the 12 step cult religion?  There are hundreds from which to choose.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend with people deserving of your company





Rehab Riviera Fraud Arrests

Although there are thousands of criminals still getting away with murder in the 12 step cult religion, here’s some good news

“Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area are so dense with addiction treatment and sober living facilities that it’s known as the Rehab Riviera.

Over the past several years, the Southern California News Group has chronicled disturbing reports of deaths, sexual assault, drug abuse and paying for patients inside California’s loosely regulated addiction treatment industry. Those reports have prompted federal probes, the Orange County task force that made these arrests, a sober living registry and new state laws designed to protect vulnerable people struggling with addiction.”

Here’s the latest in this short report.  https://www.ocregister.com/2020/01/17/5-arrested-in-3-2-million-southern-california-sober-living-home-fraud-scheme/



Harm Reduction – The Truly Free Program

Oftentimes, you hear steppers make the “it’s free” claim regarding their beloved cult religion. First of all, it’s NOT free when you consider the vast majority of rehab facilities mandate the cult to clients not only while in rehab but as aftercare. The cost to your personal power and self-sufficiency is monumental and one-dollar-in-basket requirement quickly adds up.  The 12 step cult religion is far from free when you are required to “work” all the steps, work them again and again, and then with your “sponcees” for all eternity. The constant fear-mongering of the 12 step cult comes with a costly loss of autonomy to make wise choices and take credit for those choices. Lastly, the 12 step cult religion is certainly not free as you are mandated to attend mind-control meetings for the rest of your life lest you end up “Jails, Institutions, and Dead.”  Free?  Not even close.

HAMS (Harm reduction, Abstinence, and Moderation Support) however, IS free. HAMS is free online and the system contains Elements that you are encouraged to use as you see fit without any rules based on disempowering, perpetual dogma from 1935. My friend and colleague Ken Anderson has developed a truly free system designed to give you all the power to resolve your issues around alcohol, (or any other substance or behavior) and move on happily with your life. View the short video below and please pass it on everywhere.


12 Step Trauma. Your “Drug Rehab” Does NOT Want You To Get Well

Treatment as usual (TAU) in the 12 step cult religion world of the $35 billion rehabilitation business does not want you to get well.  They want you to repeat your substantial investment in their very low cost cult religion tax-free business as many times as possible during the course of your life and the life of your family members… since addiction is a family disease according to 12 step cult propaganda even though addiction is not a disease at all.  This is simply the unadulterated, undeniable, indesputible truth.

April Wilson Smith, MPH, a 1996 graduate of Yale University currently pursuing her PhD in Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University in the US city Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania, has written the short piece linked below which outlines how and why your rehab facility cannot and will not make the changes necessary to treat you and your trauma with effective modalities.  Why?  Implementing the changes from a shame-based 12 step cult religion “free” modality to a “trauma-informed culture” is not only out of their budget, it would mean you could get help and move on with your life.  Moving on with your life is not allowed in the 12 step cult culture and these rehab owners are not about to spend the money on modalities that will cut their bottom line.  After all, they’ve got multiple mortgages to pay!

Please click on the link below to access April’s piece.  She wisely refrains from outright calling the 12 step cult religion to the mat, since doing so makes editors wince due to the 12 step cult disciple backlash they know will be forthcoming.  I, thankfully, do not have such censorship restrictions here on my blog.

Enjoy and please share everywhere!  And Keep Coming Back!




Victim-blaming in the Violent Crime known As Rape

April Smith has written a great piece for rehabs.com see link below. Sexual assault and harassment is rampant in the 12 Step Cult Religion. They even have a 13th step devoted to minimizing and blaming the victim built into the cult. Enjoy link below and please share everywhere!



The Orange Papers Are Back! Alert the Media!

Much to the dismay of brainwashed steppers, the Orange Papers are back up and running!  It works if you share it!

See link below for access to this brilliant and comprehensive website.




A Star Is Born… & the 12 Step Cult Religion Continues To Kill

In case you haven’t seen the film and you somehow think that the following article will spoil it for you, stop reading right now.  If you want to stop the dangerous cult religion of the 12 steps from continuing to thrive, keep reading (or come back after you’ve viewed the film).  After all, A Star Is Born is just another film, but the 12 step cult religion is always harming people who deserve better.

It’s well-known that Bradley Cooper is a brainwashed stepper as are so many other people with power in the film industry.  He made this film happen in every regard… for without him there would be no film.

His character opens the film following a gig, gulping alcohol in the backseat of his car and he immediately drains the bottle dry and asks the driver for more.  The Gaga character is singing in a bar whom he meets when he jumps out of the car since he clearly needs his booze.  That’s just the very beginning of this film.  The very first scene of this film establishes his character as an “alcoholic.”  It can only get worse from there, right!?!?  Literally, this is the first 2 minutes of the film.

Finally, after he destroys her Grammy acceptance speech, he ends up in a 12 step cult rehab.  He is labeled an “grateful/alcoholic/drug addict.”  He comes home to her manager who reinforces the “powerless” character defects of the “alcoholic.”  While she is on tour, he hangs himself in his garage – An all too common choice for stepper disciples – think Robin Williams – that is always blamed on the “disease” and never the real culprit, the 12 step cult religion.  She forgives him for all he’s done due to his “disease.”  And the beat goes on.

How many times does this have to happen before there is a link to the 12 step cult religion’s disempowering dogma rather than the victim with the fake-disease-hopelessness as the clear cause of these suicides?  How many times?  When will the filmmakers make the connection?  When will this most dangerous cult religion be held to the fire?  How many years will continue to go by without anyone exposing the truth about the pseudo-disease of addiction????

The answer, unfortunately, is probably NEVER.  Thanks for letting me share.  Keep coming back.

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