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Remembering September 11, 2001 – The Jumpers

Hello Readers!  I sincerely hope this finds you well.

As we age, we grow as human beings (if we’re doing it right). Life is a process of experiencing joy and tragedy and optimally, learning from it all. The important thing is to treat one another, and most importantly ourselves, with kindness and understanding and love. (Excepting, of course, abusive brainwashed steppers, they can suck my ass 😜).  We never know when we will take our last breath and move on to the ultimate adventure beyond this existence, leaving our known world, and our loved ones grieving.

In that vein, please enjoy the link provided about the American souls who chose to jump, fall, and free themselves from their inevitable demise. I shared it with you as a reminder that even in the most horrific of tragedies, we do have the right to choose. While we do not know for sure what we would have done in the same circumstances, I for one, am positive I would have phoned my husband, said my goodbyes, and jumped… Choosing to fly free rather than suffer smoke inhalation, burn, or be smashed.  (Also please note how the stories of these jumpers, as they are remembered in lieu of the impossible task of identification,  have been systematically purged from our media, thereby threatening our free press.)

If we are going to adequately honor those who suffered most through this global tragedy, we must also honor those who made the choice to Jump.  A brave choice indeed.

This morning, I have seen many on social media protest the right to remember 9/11 what with all that followed in Iraq.  While I agree that the USA started an unjustified war (the plan all along), I do not agree that today is the day to stage that protest. Of course, freedom of speech is more important that my personal sensibilities and that applies for all.  All men being created equal.

Our government (and especially George W Bush and his ‘Cheney’ administration) is complicit in 9/11 before, during, and after. But that doesn’t change that 3000 innocent American souls lost their right to exist on this day 15 years ago. The suffering their families perpetually endure is worthy of honor. This includes the 10,000+ Iraqi souls who lost their lives as pawns in the propaganda aftermath.

We are all pawns in this big chess game of war mongering for profit and we need to stand up and fight back.

But today, we honor those who just went to work, got on an airplane, responded heroically, and never came home. Today is NOT the day for protest, but for love.

Today, I stand for love.  And peace.  I implore you to do the same.  I also hope you and your loved ones take a few moments to show each other the compassion and love you feel for one another today.  For tomorrow, we may need to make the choice to jump.

See link below for a fascinating look at the jumpers and the photographers who captured them, of September 11, 2001 in New York City, USA.

— Laura Tompkins





Stop the Federal Government from Banning Kratom!

You care about the rights of all people.  You care and you want to do something about the injustices of the war on drugs.

You know that the BILLShit spewed by the 12 Step Cult Religion claiming there is no science or medical help for those with substance use issues, is nothing but dangerous, self-serving, dogma.

You know that marijuana should NOT be labelled a Schedule I Substance since it clearly does have medical use and no potential for abuse.  The same holds true for Kratom.

Kratom not only helps with opiate issues, it also treats chronic pain, combats depression and relieves anxiety, for a start.

You want to do more.

This is doing more.  It will take you all of 2 minutes to sign this petition and verify your signature via email.

I thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

This has been a public service announcement from those who fight for TRUTH regarding the dangerous CULT RELIGION commonly known as the 12 STEPS.

Sign the petition here!





How Religious Organizations, Like A.A., Prey On Your Sense of Self-Worth

Hello Readers!   This is a quick share of a great article.

Have you ever experienced the predatory actions and behaviors from brainwashed disciples of the 12 step cult religion?  I bet you have.

The blatant physical and mental abuse is the very foundation of this dangerous cult religion.  This article, linked below, perfectly describes the not so blatant predation.

The predatory behavior disguised as the steps is the worst of all, since it is the subterfuge of the all-or-nothing disguised as spiritual not religious that causes lifelong problems with self-esteem and self-sufficiency.

If you leave the fold, you are abandoned, ostracized, and bullied.  Even worse, you are forever blamed for anything that does not go well in your life, with your only solution presented as coming back with your tail between your legs.  Do not buy it for a nanosecond!

Under the lie of this so-called self help group, where you can supposedly leave whenever you want and take or leave the suggestions, vulnerable people find themselves worse, never better.

No matter how steppers balk and lie to themselves and others, they are harming other people with their daily reprieve BILLShit.  No amount of chanting changes this truth.  The end motherfuckers.

This article is about Christians in particular and thankfully he includes all religious groups.  Lest we brush over the most mind-fuck cult religion of all time, I include the despicable 12 step cult religion in the group of harmful religious organizations …


Please read and share everywhere.



“Rarely have we seen a person fail …” What’s Wrong With A.A.’S Literature “How It Works”

At the beginning of every mind-fuck 12 step cult meeting, a passage from their big book of lies is read aloud by one member (who incidentally has usually been forced to read it).  The “How It Works” passage reads,

“Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path. Those who do not recover are people who cannot or will not completely give themselves to this simple program, usually men and women who are constitutionally incapable of be­ing honest with themselves. There are such unfortunates. They are not at fault; they seem to have been born that way. They are naturally incapable of grasping and developing a manner of living which demands rigorous honesty. Their chances are less than average. There are those, too, who suffer from grave emotional and mental disorders, but many of them do recover if they have the capacity to be honest.”

Rarely Have We SeenSeriously?!  Could this possibly be more of a cognitive dissonance inducing pile of shit?  No.  First of all, most people DO fail at their so-called simple programme.  The statistics are overwhelmingly clear on this.  That’s because if “it” doesn’t work, YOU are to blame, never their perfect programme.

The AA cult religion is nothing but a dangerous set-up for failure for the vast majority who reject faith healing disguised as medicine.  The rest of this passage is a big subterfuge of pseudo honesty all wrapped up in a you’re-a-piece-of-shit sandwich.  Don’t fall for it for a second!

I recently had a conversation with a Marriage and Family Therapist who claimed that she did indeed give clients a choice.  “They are free to go out and test their ability to drink.”  It was all I could do to not reach through the phone and shake the baby!

Telling someone that their choice is to either join your programme, or go out and attempt suicide is NO CHOICE AT ALL.  That is most certainly what this choice is placing on someone.  in other words, “you can keep trying to be a normal drinker and die on the streets, or you can join us on our “happy road of destiny”, or whatever stupid lie that shit chant states.  For a stepper to do this is bad enough, but for a clinician to do it is outright HARMING and CONDEMNING for the client.

First of all, the vast majority of people with a substance use issue get better (moderate or abstain) ON THEIR OWN.  A clinician who uses or recommends the 12 step cult in a treatment setting at all, should have their license suspended, until they have been de-programmed and trained in all the evidence-based help available.  This acquaintance actually believes she is giving clients a choice when she is creating nothing but a SELF-FULFILLING PROPHESY of FAILURE.

Dr. Adi Jaffe has given me permission to share the link below.  He writes a brilliant article that further outlines how this passage in the 12 step cult literature HARMS rather than helps people, doing a great job of explaining how this subterfuge harms and what to do about it.  This link will also lead you to a truly revolutionary outpatient center in Beverly Hills that can genuinely help you and those for which you care.  There should be more facilities and helpers like Dr. Jaffe!

Where we disagree is his statement “It’s time to dust off the covers, and incorporate the 12-steps into the bigger picture of addiction treatment.”  No sir.  It is time to get the 12 step cult religion OUT of addiction treatment altogether.  Any clinician who continues to push this dangerous cult should be reprimanded for doing so.  “Sponsors” can do whatever evil shit disguised as help they chose, but clinicians disguised as cult disciples need to revamp their work.  STAT!

What’s wrong with AA’S literature?  Everything!  How does “it work?”  It DOESN’T.

Please read and share everywhere.  Thank You!

What’s wrong with A.A.’s How it works passage



12 Steps To Dead – A Book by Rolf Ankermann

12 steps to deadAll you need to know about what it is REALLY like to attend 12 step meetings is right here. As entertaining as this work is, it is also painful … because it is all so true. These kinds of experiences are nothing new to anyone who has ever spent any time in the roomz Whether the organization does something about it is another kettle of fish.  In fact, AAWS (Alcoholics Anonymous World Services) knows full well of all the predatory behavior in their cult religion, but have actively chosen to do NOTHING to protect members, young or old, male or female, vulnerable or criminal.

Rolf’s book should be a must read for anyone who is thinking about attending a 12 step meeting, anyone who is questioning their membership, anyone who is recommending a loved one attend, any clinician who has not experienced this programme … and ESPECIALLY any clinician who is still recommending this dangerous cult religion to vulnerable clients.  Your ethics should be seriously questioned if you continue to refer clients to this dangerous cult religion. This is the polar opposite of the evidence-based help you are mandated to provide.

Steppers will defend their cult with all kinds of chants they have learned to parrot, but nothing changes that these experiences are disgustingly common. (They will also attack you personally due to the extreme brainwashing).  In fact, sexism and preying on others is built into the very fabric of this cult. Very reliable sources tell of how the guru founder, Bill Wilson, needed to have a chaperone whenever he attended meetings … to keep him from hitting on all the women. Wilson had mistresses his entire life and even shared his estate with one of them, (proceeds he stole from the other founders and from book sales which he inflated for profit), when he died. This is just one small example of how preying on others and avoiding responsibility for abusive behavior is promoted in the very literature and practices of this dangerous cult.  The cognitive dissonance of every member is truly astounding, and by design.  This cult renders members perpetually powerless while the cult is forever powerful.  It’s a no-win situation for members where they either conform to the way of life or they are threatened with Jail, Institutions, or Death.

Their famous big book is nothing but lies and indoctrination into a dangerous cult … all the while posing as some safe self-help group. Safe?  Nothing could possibly be further from the truth. What women are told to do is to find their part and forgive their rapist. I wish I were exhagerrating. Even more common, sexual assault victims are vilified for bringing the assault to the group and are gossiped about relentlessly … EXACTLY what is portrayed in this book.

What Mr. Ankermann has done is to expose the truth with humor, through characters we like, and with which we identify. It’s one of those reads you blow through and wish for a sequel.

You may find yourself reading it twice in a row, as I did.   The first time, due to the painfully funny stories, I had the need to stop, process, and continue reading when it felt safe. If you are reading this book thinking. “this is a dramatized version of what goes on, it must be.” … NO! Don’t kid yourself, this book is straight up truth.

These kind of horror stories happen everyday to the vast majority of people in the 12 step cult in one form and to one degree or another,  but they go unreported due to the foresight of the founders anonymity.   In fact, the stories in this book are relatively tame compared to what goes on daily in any 12 step cult meeting.

13th Stepping (euphemism for sexual harassment) is rampant, as is financial exploitation. Just that they have a term for it is enough to know it exists and what do they do about it when it happens?  They blame the victim and protect the cult. The numbers of women who have been raped by men they met in AA is staggering. The story of Sharon is all too common, AA has decided to do NOTHING about this rampant problem by refusing to even establish safety policies. They use the old get-out-to-responsibility-free card by claiming they do not govern meetings. They are more than aware of the problem and have actively chosen to look the other way. The documentation on this is easy to find.

Thank you Rolf Ankermann for a most important book! We need more people to admit that not only is there rampant physical abuse in the 12 step cult, there is also severe brainwashing that keeps members always in a state of self-blame and self-hate. Members of this cult are told that their best thinking made them abuse drugs and alcohol and behave poorly. NO. Your WORST thinking does that.  Your WORST thinking also keeps you a willing hostage to the cognitive dissonance you suffer after spending any time in the roomz.

You can check in but you can never check out. I look forward to more from this gifted writer. Thank you!

DEFINITELY read this book.  You will benefit from it and so will those you care for, and you will get a good laugh in the process.  Brilliant work Rolf!

See Amazon link here:    https://www.amazon.com/12-Steps-Dead-Rolf-Ankermann-ebook/dp/B00VPC7604/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8


Steven Tyler Makes Prince’s Death All About Steven Tyler


Just like a good stepper, Tyler has made a tragedy for someone else, all about his fake disease and the blame the victim dogma that goes with it, from his beloved cult.

In the link provided below, you will see how sickeningly brainwashed Tyler is under the BILLShit of the 12 step cult religion.  Steppers are, of course, coming to Tyler’s defense saying that he is being compassionate. No. Wrong.

Just like a good stepper, he has made this all about his pseudo humility and fake compassion.Tyler even sneaks in a snippet of his vilification (and sneaky nod to “powerlessness”), on doctors and prescription meds.  Since steppers must be a victim to their “disease” and “powerless” over their choices (not to mention they need a babysitter over prescription meds), they must find blame  God forbid they take responsibility!

I say, the next time old-timer Tyler goes in for his colonoscopy, he must do it without the anesthesia.  Aferall, it’s a slippery slope!

Tyler compares what has been reported as Prince’s emergency with drugs, “taking too much of something” as something he knows well.  (Not that this has one single thing to do with Prince!)  Claiming he knows all about what it’s like to be in this place of a “recovering alcoholic and addict,” Tyler pretends to know one fucking thing about Prince’s situation.

Notice how they are always “recovering” and never recovered.  They are never responsible for their own choices and behavior.  They are never allowed to leave the cult and you can never depend on them for anything.  They are forever “diseased.”  If they even think about moving on with their lives they are reminded of where they will end up: Jail, an Institution or Dead.  The End.

In Tyler’s cult soaked brain, he makes this leap that since Prince died, he might have the same “disease” as I, (under the “if he did die from drugs” fake compassion), and thank the cult God for those that have gone before me.

Tyler then proceeds to claim that if Prince had the same “disease” he has, his death did not need to happen.  In other words, if Prince would have just turned his will and his life over to a 12 step program and gone to skull-fuck cult meetings and carried the cult message everywhere … he would not be dead.  Really?!?!  Just like a stepper to make that insane leap of BILLShit.  People die because of this cult and it’s all-to-nothing-we-are-the-only-way dogma far more often than from drug overdoses.  Suicide is rampant in the 12 step cult.  Depression is made worse never better.  Prince was far too enlightened to fall for this crazy shit.  I digress.

Stepper disciples chant the most ridiculous victim blaming shit whenever anyone in this cult dies of an overdose or suicide … the meetings are full of chants like “there but for the grace … ” quickly followed by the “some must die so that others can live.”  That’s right.  They actually believe that when one of them dies, they are reminding the others how deeply diseased they all are.  This is a backhanded way of blaming the victim, especially in the case of an overdose death, with the cover of humility in the “better him than me grace of God” realm.  These people truly are sicker than sick.

Then this asshat Tyler decides to chant the most ridiculous claim of all.  I quote,  “Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, they all died so I could live.”  Really Steve??!!  He then proceeds to claim that the only way he can wrap his head around Prince is to make the same claim … That Prince died so that he can live.  Wow.  Steppers are the most egotistical, narcissistic pieces of shit alive.

So under this fake compassion, Tyler has given you an excellent glimpse of what it’s like to be a brainwashed member of the most diabolical cult religion of all time.

Being the very private person he was, Prince would have to put himself out to counteract this extreme breach of his privacy.  But Prince is gone and cannot tell Steven Tyler to fuck off.  I can.  FUCK OFF STEVEN TYLER.

Stay the fuck away from this dangerous cult religion.  Help your loved ones stay the fuck away.  Stay the fuck away from Steven Tyler!

Rest In Peace Prince.  You deserve far better than this from far better people than Steven Tyler.

— Laura Tompkins






Hello Enlightened Readers!

Just a quick post to inform you lovely people of this new domain change.  (Cougarblogger is automatically redirected so no worries).

I first named my blog Cougarblogger when I started writing a blog in general, not knowing it would turn into a work mostly to expose the 12 step cult religion dangers.  As an older and wiser woman, I find the term Cougar to be hilarious and I joke, “Call me a mountain lion and you’re bound to get BIT!”  When I started to write more and more about this horrible cult religion, the issue with the domain name came up, and has remained an issue.  Not my issue, but an issue for 12 Step disciples.  Of course.

Over the years, I have had brainwashed steppers make any excuse to avoid facing the truth about their little cult religion.  One of these excuses goes something like, “How could you listen to a writer who calls herself Cougarblogger?”  Of course, these unfortunates will do and say anything in an attempt to defend their cult — a hallmark of a cult is the inability to allow for ANY dissent from the cult principles.  As we all know, one of the first brainwashing tactics of this cult is to demand members embrace the idea that their best thinking is their enemy.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but they care not!

So, here we go.  I have now changed the domain name of this brilliant blog from Cougarblogger to 12STEPCULTRELIGIONEXPOSED.  

Steppers are going to have to kiss my shapely ass.

Love you all!

Laura Chupack-Tompkins

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