Alcoholics Anonymous Destroys Self-Esteem and Self-Sufficiency

robin-williams-aa-meeting-pp1I have discovered that this programme known as Alcoholics Anonymous is dangerous in ways that may be difficult to understand.  Most people, in general, need to find self-love and empowerment.  Most people do not need to be beaten down and stripped of their power.  AA steals your soul and any chance you may have at fulfilling your dreams.  The indoctrination is so powerful that even brilliance is not recognized by the brilliant due to the abuse they suffered after spending time in AA.

I have been given permission to reveal the author and to post the following re-write of the 12 steps. If you have ever spent any time in the rooms you will recognize this chanting at the beginning of every meeting — but what follows is truth and not disempowering, dangerous, brainwashing dogma.  It is brilliance.

The New Twelve Steps —

RARELY HAVE they seen a person who has thoroughly followed their path. Those who do recover are usually people who have recognized AA as a dangerous religious cult, and will not give themselves completely to AA’s fanatical program. The AA Cult is constituted primarily of men and women who are constitutionally incapable of being honest with anyone… including themselves.

Some of them are not at fault; They were screwed the second they set foot into the church basement door. They were systematically indoctrinated into believing that alcoholics are naturally incapable of grasping and developing a manner of living which demands any type of honesty. They should still be held accountable for the behavior that has ruined so many lives. Many AA members suffer from grave emotional and mental disorders. The program requires that they believe alcoholics can never recover. Most of the people who quit drinking without AA have recovered in large part, due to their self-determination and ability to act rationally. Our stories disclose in a general way what We used to be like, what happened, and what We are like now.
If You have decided You want to leave Alcoholics Anonymous and are willing to go to any lengths to do it – then You are ready to take certain steps.

At some of these We were delighted. We were sure that We had found a more sound and reasonable way. With all of the earnestness at our command, We encourage You to be resolute and confident from the very start. Some of Us have tried to hold on to Our old AA ideas and the result was nil until We let go absolutely. Remember that WE deal with Alcoholics Anonymous – cunning, baffling, dishonest! Continuing the mental masturbation was too much for Us.

There is only one person who has the power to overcome your alcohol problem – that person is You. May You trust and believe in Yourself now! Delusions and superstitious nonsense availed Us nothing. We stood at the turning point. We learned to protect and care for Ourselves with complete Self-acceptance. Here are the steps We took which are encouraged as a course of action to escape the AA mind trap…

1. We decided We were “Not Powerless” over alcohol – that Our lives had become dominated by AA.

2. Came to understand that We were never as morally reprehensible as some AA members had led Us to believe.

3. Made a decision to turn and walk away from Alcoholics Anonymous forever.

4. Made a scorching and fearless indictment against AA as an organization.

5. Admitted to Ourselves and another Human Being that We had been ambushed into joining a religious cult.

6. Were entirely ready to relieve Ourselves of the self-defeating bullshit We were taught at AA.

7. Familiarized Ourselves with cult indoctrination tactics in order that We may never fall into a similar trap again.

8. Made a list of all AA-members who had harmed Us, and became willing to confront them all.

9. Called such people on their bullshit whenever possible, except when to do so would significantly injure them or others.

10. Continued to indict Alcoholics anonymous and when We were wronged promptly expressed our disapproval of it.

11. Sought scientific empirical evidence that could help Us to defeat addiction; focusing on Ourselves as the Power to carry that out.

12. Having been awakened from the AA nightmare as a result of these steps, We tried to carry this message to other victims of AA, so that everyone might know the truth about the Alcoholics Anonymous cult.

You are not alone.

Many of Us have been misled by the religion that claims not to be a religion. Some of Us suffered for years oblivious to the fact that AA offers no reliable or even sincere method to help alcohol troubled people to recover from addiction. When We felt hopeless. They used it against Us.

They told us We were powerless.
They did it to break Us down.
They did it to make Us unsure of Ourselves.
They did it to recruit new members for their religious cult.
We’re here to expose AA for what it really is. If You’ve tried AA over and over again, and You’re not getting the results you were promised, maybe it’s time You tried something else.
Think about it.

— Gunthar

Like I said — Brilliance.

However, many members (and ex-members), have an understandably difficult time deprogramming from all the scare tactics forced down their throats in AA.


You see, Bill Wilson was the kind of person who had to lie about who he was because he hated himself for very specific reasons, that we will never know — very specific reasons that he avoided facing his entire life. He avoided delving into his self-hate by becoming a guru, all the while acting as if he did not want to be a guru. He is the most brilliant guru of all time.

And since he hates himself so, rather than figure out why, he had to develop a program that would make its members hate themselves just as much, or hopefully more … to justify his hate-filled heart and to develop a posse of fawning disciples. Oh, and to 13th step (sexually harass) all the women.

Wilson had chronic depression and killed himself slowly with nicotine and then begged for whiskey on his death-bed — now that’s some SERIOUS SELF HATE.  Having compassion for him is fine as long as you refrain from following his path or from defending his cult religion.

Stay the fuck away from AA.

— Laura Tompkins

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How to Do a 4th Step – The Example Given in the Big Book

This article deserved a reboot today. Enjoy!

12 Step Cult Religion Exposed

While recently researching the steps, I was in chapter 5 of the Big Book and found the instructions for 4th step work.   http://www.aa.org/bigbookonline/en_bigbook_chapt5.pdf   Please click on this link to scroll down until you see the three columns you are to make and fill in for your moral inventory.

12-2-2014  ATTENTION:  I have been alerted that the link above will take you to the BB online but not to the original page I published.  Sneaky fuckers.  Click on the link, go to Chapter 5 How It Works, and look at page 65.

Alternately, if you have a book near you, check it out.  In the EXAMPLE in the book, he  is resentful that Mr. Brown told his wife about his MISTRESS.  He is also resentful that his boss has established a boundary around his destructive drinking.  Worst of all, he is resentful with his wife for asking…

View original post 283 more words

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Addiction Treatment Creates Addicts. By Design.

This TED talk by Steven Slate of the Freedom Model Retreats is so brilliant, it needs to be passed around.  Take a few minutes out of your day to view it and spread it around everywhere.  The truth is more important than how brainwashed stepper disciples balk.  Thank you and keep coming back!


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Suicide in the 12 Step Cult Religion – Blame the Dead

Two short videos below to introduce you to Disrupted Physician. Doctors are routinely coerced into the 12 step cult, threatened with revocation of their license, and blamed when their lives are permanently disrupted. See link below.

Please share everywhere.

— Laura Tompkins



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The 12 Step Cult MUST Coerce People In Order To Keep The “Rooms” Full

Stanton Peele is someone you should know if you’re interested in exposing the truth regarding the 12 step cult religion.  His latest piece is about how the cult forces people into participation.  They figured out how to do this when they found that the vast majority of people reject their disempowering dogma very quickly.  In order to keep the cult humming along, they literally must force people into it.

Please enjoy his latest work linked below.  Also, please share everywhere.


— Laura Tompkins


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Addiction Is Not A Disease

The Baldwin Research Institute has proven conclusively that not only is alcoholism/addiction not a disease, the 12 step program has purposefully blocked this truth in order to keep their cult full of vulnerable people.  Since the vast majority of people leave the cult and never look back, these cult disciples must keep fresh blood revolving into “the roomz.”

Please enjoy the article linked below.  It explains exactly how the disease theory came to be and what the 12 step disciples, some with big political power, did to make sure their cult dominated the treatment industry in the USA.

Here’s an excerpt: “Repeated studies have shown that the average person, who could be diagnosed with a substance abuse problem, will discontinue use on their own 20 to 30 percent of the time. But, those who are exposed to AA and treatment and who are taught the disease concept have a drastically decreased chance of achieving sobriety. While treatment professionals are aware of program failure, governing organizations support and promote the adoption of 12-step tenets into treatment programs for substance abusers. Families pay tens of thousands of dollars to help their loved ones only to place them in programs that follow guidelines of a documented failed program. Any program based on a program that fails will inevitably fail. For most, 12-step has become synonymous with failure.”

I hope this post finds you all well and thanks so much for following my blog.
Please share everywhere.


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Alcoholism Is Not A Disease and AA is a Cult Religion

When I speak the truth, alcoholism is not a disease, people are often shocked.  If they are not rabid, brainwashed Steppers, a rational conversation based on facts will help them understand so that they are informed rather than ignorant.  This “disease theory” is so prevalent in American society (and we have spread it like a plague all over the world), even intelligent people have bought into this dangerous and harmful theory.

Those angry-beyond-measure cult disciple Steppers are not worth the time and heartache when their cognitive dissonance is stronger than their ability to even consider the truth.  It is deeply important you understand how the disease theory was sold to the AMA (American Medical Association), by people who had both financial and political interests (of course) … and how the 12 step cult religion was used to make this happen.

It is important you know precisely how it happened and why, for your own knowledge, and also for those people who have yet to be completely brainwashed into the cult… those people who are interested in truth.

The following link provides you with all the facts you need to relay this truth to those willing to learn.  The cult disciples, well… it’s best to just drop the subject.  Unfortunately, until they realize their intense anger at the truth is an gigantic red flag for them, they are too far gone to be helped.  They will make your life a living hell in their insane attempts to prove their cult is not a cult. Either that, or they will make a ridiculous justification like the often chanted, “Well, if it’s brainwashing my brain needed washing.”  I kid you not.

I hope this finds you all well and thank you again for following my blog.  Please share everywhere.  There is no reason to rewrite the facts since they are so well research and communicated here:



The “Sex Addiction” Excuse – You are NOT safe in 12 Step “Rooms.”

Harvey Weinstein has finally been accused of rape and assault.  Finally.  Any second now the “sex addiction” excuse will be used to justify Weinstein’s CHOICE to assault women. I will NOT stay quiet on this one.  As a screenwriter, I have been advised to keep my social media feed clear of politics since producers do indeed read your posts and there are many closet conservatives in Hollywood.  Not this time.  You can be sure Weinstein is in a room with a therapist right now being advised to use the “Sex Addict” excuse.  Just like the “real alcoholic” excuse for horrific behavior before, during, and after joining the 12 step cult religion… it’s all LIES.

Fuck these famous actors who are suddenly claiming to not have known. If you even heard a rumor, George Clooney… you are COMPLICIT.


And Meryl Streep. Shut your fucking mouth. If you had been assaulted like Mira Sorvino and Rosanna Arquette you would have a right to speak out. You are just covering your ass and your handlers should be advising you to shut your fucking pie hole.  Coming forward now to cover your ass is the HEIGHT of HYPOCRISY.

I have stories… one of which happened a few short years ago and I am not young. The “young and beautiful” excuse is complete bullshit. That’s no different than the “what was she wearing” or “what was she doing alone with him in a hotel room” blaming the victim.  That is no different than the AA member who takes a ride with a 12 step predator and she is blamed when he attacks and rapes her.  There is no excuse for these attacks.  Hollywood and the business of show is full of these PREDATORS and so are the “rooms” of the 12 step cult religion.

This is why predators love the 12 step cult religion.  They can continue assaulting women knowing full well the cult will protect them, cover up for them, and continue to blame their choices on their “character defects” and their “disease.”   What a disgusting load of BillShit.

Hollywood just loves the “disease” theory of addiction. It absolves them of any responsibility.  They include this BillShit in so many TV and movie scenarios and this choice further brainwashes people into the 12 step lies.  They love to avoid and excuse horrific behavior with the excuse of “disease.” Screenwriters who use this lazy plot line for their characters are COMPLICIT in sexual assaults.  Do your homework.  Addiction is NOT A DISEASE.  It’s a choice… just like Weinstein’s career of assaulting women is a CHOICE.

Now, of course, he will attend “sex addiction” rehab and he can continue along with his career of assaulting women under the protection of the 12 step cult religion.  He’ll have even more protection than ever!  The perfect 13th stepper has now made his way to his ultimate end.

Please speak up.  When you see or hear these “Addict” excuses, do not be complicit.  Correct people no matter how brainwashed they may be, they are dead wrong.  Don’t be that person in the 12 step cult who claim to have never known or seen the predation.  EVERYONE knows about the 13th step.

Any second now the “addict” excuse will be brought forth to excuse and justify Harvey Weinstein’s inexcusable choices.

I hope this short article finds you all well.  Thank you again for following my blog.  I appreciate it so very much.


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