The Truth About Al-Anon

Stepper: “Well AA might be bad, but Al Anon is not AA.”
Enlightened One: “No, you’re right, Al Anon is even worse.”

Al Anon is a place for the family member (or anyone who ‘qualifies’) to go and find their ‘part’ in the other persons behavior. Excuse the fuck out of me? He was an asshole drunk and now somehow I bear responsibility for this!? My life is unmanageable because of his behavior and I must pray for knowledge of gods will for me?

Al Anon is a place to go to find bogus reasons to stay with an abusive shit head who is feigning powerlessness and claiming to have a disease.

Al Anon is a place to go to turn your will over to god, rather than tell the abusive shithead in your life to pack his shit.

Al Anon is a place to go to help yourself understand why this shithead did all the things he did, so that you can have peace and quiet as he trots off to 3 skull-fuck meetings a day, while you do all the work to support him…as he 13steps all the women in his ‘home group.’

Al Anon is a place to go to help you have peace of mind while he is throwing shit all over the house in a drunken rage because he can’t find his keys…which are in his hand. Oh, and his DUI is somehow something you could have prevented. Shut the front door!

Al Anon is a place where you too can work the 12 steps so that you too can give your hard earned money to AA and you too can leave your brain at the door. The cult that never gives up taking.

Al Anon is a place where you can be restored to sanity…when you are completely fucking sane, or you were before you started buying all this shit.

Al Anon is a place you can go where you can confess all your contrived wrongdoings to a stranger who is going to tell everyone exactly how fucked up your life is…to make themselves feel better about their fucked up life. (Nice anonymity).

Al Anon is a place you can go to not have to view your ‘qualifiers’ constant attempts to sleep with other women.  Can’t cock block the cock sucker.

And finally, Al Anon is a place where you too can mind-fuck some vulnerable person into staying in a relationship in which they should be protecting themselves from.

Phew, that was fun and cathartic. I would no more set foot in an Al Anon meeting than I would stay one second in an abusive relationship.

Thank you for letting me share.

4 comments on “The Truth About Al-Anon

  1. WOW ! Awesome work Laura!

  2. I went to alanon for my own recovery,It really helped for awhile,,(sincerely)Something changed though,suddenly I was a magnet for addict women there in denial about there being addicts and were convinced they were not the problem.Many of these woman were looked up to,in the alanon political ring,,yes its there,,even though they try to lie about that just like an addict lies about there drugs.These woman are addicted to power,in a place where its the only place they’ll get their fix amongst unsuspecting victims seeking real help for real life problems.They hide their drugs,there greed for power,,there need to suck everything out of people until there’s nothing left to suck except a new guys dick,

    • Unfortunately this is a very common story. At first you feel helped and then they turn on you. Problem is, this is by design. It’s built into the system. You either become as abuser or you suffer abuse. It’s truly a sick and dangerous cult religion.

      Thanks so much for your comments.

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