RIP Whitney Houston


This is one moment in our history when we were all proud to be American. Whitney sang this with such joy, it was an infectious experience. I don’t remember anything about the game except her performance.  Whitney sold over 170 million albums, singles and videos worldwide. Her list of awards includes 2 Emmy Awards, 6 Grammy Awards, and 30 Billboard Music Awards.

Substance abuse was part of Whitney’s life for a very long time…on May 11 2011, she was banned from Prince concerts, by Prince himself for her bad behavior during his show. According to the Examiner Arts & Entertainment, Whitney was constantly badgering Prince for tickets and during the final concert she was allowed to attend, she kept attempting to get on stage with Prince but he did not want her to embarrass herself since she was so obviously intoxicated. She was an addict who died a long time ago in spirit. Forty-eight is a young age to die for anyone, but especially for someone with her resources and access to the best health care and the time to take care of herself like few have. However, money and fame are the ultimate enablers. If you know someone who is struggling with addiction or you are struggling yourself, have compassion and forgiveness … especially if the person has embraced the ‘powerless’ and ‘disease’ nonsense of the 12 steps.  You can’t buy your way out of it and you can’t escape the hell of self destruction that comes with it. I hope this stands as a lesson for us all; fame & fortune are wonderful, yet are no guarantee of happiness.  Take care of your body, mind, and spirit for we all die. Rest in peace Miss Houston. God bless your children with a future full of addiction-free lives.

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  1. Hallo cougarblogger,

    you probably may not be aware that Whitney was not banned from the Prince concerts at all: That was just untrue gossip – But: the official denial of this false “news” by Prince was not posted by many media outlets/gossip blogs, it seemed to be less scandalous or newsworthy. Whitney was not misbehaving at his concerts at all. She was indeed invited up stage by Chaka Khan and prince at one concert. And beyond that time she amused herself with her daughter singing and dancing in the VIP area at that concert.

    But regarding Whitney Houston in general: Many, even most things written online or in print media you can basically smoke in your pipe: A lot of articles are very sloppy or not at all researched works of copy-and-paste journalism. And just being able to drop the Name Whitney Houston together with drugs is a big paper seller or a guarantee to get many clicks on your page.

    She also was – despite her cause of death officially being drowned where drugs have played a role (she might have had a relapse) – on her way to a comeback. She finished the film “Sparkle” last autumn, where she played a mother and she also was the executive producer of this film. If you compare recently made pictures of her (Sparkle era) to pics from the early 2000 to 2004/5 you see that she looked much healthier and better and also her spirit was much better than in the bad times. So she may have relapsed just recently or it was even just “one” which was unfortunately deadly. There are even some who say the circumstances of her death were somehow fishy, but I can not exactly “nail” this, but I myself have some weird feelings about this, it seems to me some things in her inner circle were going wrong and I am not thinking about enabling. I think her problems were beyond drugs.

    Whitney Houston had lots of problems (she survived an abusive marriage, had many self confidence problems) , and I do honestly think with less judgamental harrasing, hating drug-gossip and blog-comments and enough time to heal (and good therapys which is not some 12-step Rehab, but therapy against anxiety and bad self confidence) she would have survived. Her daughter Bobbi Kristina told on Oprah that the gossip indeed hurt. To say Whitney died on drowing with drugs contributing to this is imho just a wall which leads us away from the real causes. Indeed I do think regarding Whitney WE are blinded by drugs.

    Some comments on gossippages or youtube were as lowdown as dehumanizing her, by the “moral – majority”. Just read the comments on youtube – especially before her death, watch the parodys – and wonder then how would you have survived this longer than a day? When I learned about Whitneys Music roundabout two years ago I was really shocked about the manhunt she and her child had to endure. It looks to me as if America was unable to forgive its sweetheart to fail.

    I am not American, but I got the impression that many of you in the United States/english speaking world are somehow obsesssed with the topic drugs and with temperance (drinking age 21, millions in AA) and the moral of being superior because of this connected with it. I do think it leaded to this judgamental tornado of gossip whitney and her family had (and still have) to face. I do think under the circumstances she had to live its a miracle that she made it even to 48.

    • Thank you for writing. I did extensive research regarding Whitney and her story with Prince. She did indeed have to be removed from a concert for her disruptive behavior. She was indeed asked to not return to a Prince concert.

      I agree that it is a miracle that she lived to be 48. I also believe she was never sober and her entitlement as a celebrity, made it easy for her to get whatever she needed from any doctor without even going to their office. That is how America works…if you’re famous, you are treated differently than 99% of the population. I do feel for child stars in this country who are unaware that as children, they were exploited for profit. When the do make it to adulthood, their life is not their own and common believe is that since they’re famous, they have no problems, when the truth is that they are a product for sale and can trust no one.  Americans are not very smart.

      Whitney Houston was never sober in the true sense of the word. She never learned to love herself enough to treat her body and soul with the respect it deserved. She self-medicated to ease whatever pain she was in, compounded by not being able to trust anyone, she was alone in a world that scrutinized her every move. However, there are many people in her place that have learned to temper the truth from the fiction and live fairly healthy lives. There is no evidence that there was any foul play around the cause of her death. If you find the constant scrutiny around her as they reason she used drugs or could not get sober, you are severely misinformed as to the power of a human being. We all have more power than we know and most of us are more terrified to stand fully in our power that we would rather numb ourselves.

      I find it amusing that you say that the cause of her death is the gossiping and rumors surrounding her life. That makes no sense at all. She had the benefit of her mind to think and make decisions just as we all do and she made a choice to protect herself with drugs. Also, most celebrities do not read all the gossip surrounding their lives as they quickly learn that most of it is not true and listening to lies is not good for their emotional well being. Most actors do not read reviews of their films, even the positive ones, for they do not want the comments to affect their work.

      I hope Whitney finds whatever peace she was looking for here with drugs in whatever her soul took her upon her death. Thank you again for writing on my blog!  

    • I appreciate the links. I also see these as attempts by Prince to protect his long term friend. Celebrities stick together (as well they should), and cover up for each other when one has done something to embarrass themselves. I actually found someone who was at a Prince concert, not far from where Whitney was and could plainly see the extreme level of her intoxication as she was escorted off stage after climbing up onto it without being invited, attempting to take princes mic from him, etc, etc. it sounds like a painful, uncomfortable scene. I appreciate your level of fan love for Whitney as I’m sure she appreciates all the love for her. I loved her too. I also know that she was only human…after all.

      Thank you for writing on my blog!

      • I disagree in the point of gossip with you because I grew up in a world of gossip and school bullying – and I can resassure you that it can have the power to crush your spirit, destroy all your talents and kill you finally. I experienced it first-hand and one of my best friends, too – she tried to kill herself, later moved away. I failed school and also moved away. But I fought my way from a school failer through to university degree. Never took drugs, but I was full of despair and every day up to now is still a fight for self confidence – and I am in my forties(!). Not everybody has the same strength and nobody should expect this from anybody. I do not think the blaming about decision making or not etc. is helpful. I have a helpful family and we stick together like these celebrites. But that is not enough, when the whole outside world is a deserted enemy land, you are still lost. So I do indeed think that gossip is a key factor and no argument will change my mind.

        The little difference between me and Mrs. Houston is: If I am fed up I can pack my cases and move away. But she – where could she have moved to? Antarctia?

        • Thank you! I am sorry for the harassment you describe being subjected to in your life. We actually agree…the damage of gossip can and does affect one for life. However, since a celebrity learns quite early to ignore the gossip and are protected from their own bad press from those on their staff (part of the personal assistant’s job), the gossip does not affect them most of the time. Whitney and Bobby’s tumultuous relationship was often viewed in public after nights of heavy drug use and later minimized by their staff. It is indeed part of your job if you are a personal assistant for a celebrity…cleaning up their messes.
          Also, personally…no. You do not have the power to crush my spirit and destroy me. And no one else has this power over you. I do agree, of course, that we can and do leave scars on one another. I also know that these scars can and do heal with the proper direction and therapy and practice.
          Perhaps the real problem is lack of parenting…parents are too sick or wrapped up in their own lives to be effective parents thereby allowing bullying to continue to happen to their children. That being said, one can learn to understand and forgive one’s parents for their shortcomings and learn to walk with peace of mind rather than as a depressed victim.
          I am not in the business of changing minds and I am not attempting to change yours. I am only attempting to point out that we, as adults, have the right and responsibility to be mindful of how our thoughts and beliefs create who we are and how we behave and feel. We, each one of us, knows when our behavior supports our self-esteem and when our behavior destroys our self-esteem. Everyday, people learn that when they are walking through life as a victim of the past, they are protecting themselves from their past. How about learning from the past and creating loving relationships and loving ourselves with all our defects and assets? Your entire being tells you both physically and emotionally when you have come in contact with a sick person who has the potential to hurt you…and you must learn not to have contact with this person or situation for protection. Healthy boundaries are imperative to anyone’s state of being. The unseen gift of our difficulties in our past is that we can spot an abuser immediately and stay away from them. We can see the world as a beautiful place full of loving, generous people or as you describe above we can also see the ‘outside world as a deserted enemy land.” What we put out is what we get back. If you are looking for a deserted enemy land, that is exactly what you will get. If you are looking for love, love is what you will get. This is not about blame…this is about mindfulness and awareness of when we are supporting our mental health and when we are sabotaging it. It is not a matter of choice either but a matter of practice. I am very appreciative this respectful debate we are having. If you were behaving in an abusive fashion, I would not be communicating with you. This is an example of a healthy way of living. My appreciation of having the ability to be loving toward you and receiving the love in return is something to celebrate. I make the choice to celebrate folks like you rather than folks who are unable, for reasons beyond simple contact with me, to participate in a healthy debate. I learn from you, you learn from me.
          Thank you again so much for writing.

  2. —forgot to mention that bad gossip might even hit you when you are not directly reading all this stuff, its still there. And regarding her daughter saying at Oprah that it hurts: So they must have gotten/read the messages, you know? In my opinion it does not play a role. Because regarding whitney it was so extreme, I also love other artists, never seen such an excess of gossip before!

    • Of course it hurts and plays a role…and they can choose to go on national television and express your pain. I do hope that her daughter is seeking help from someone other than Oprah.
      Your love for Whitney is beautiful, but you only know information from what has been bought and sold to the public, as I do. Celebrities are human beings treated as products. Perhaps being treated as a product rather than a human being does not fill one with trust of others and makes for a very lonely life. Perhaps what is ‘sold’ about you is all a facade and you are living a lie to the entire world…and when you do something ‘human’ you are a target for esteem diminishing trolls for money. Perhaps our extreme reverence (especially in the young and stupid North America) for money, is something that diminishes simply being human…and we are all culpable and complicit. The gift I am feeling from Whitney’s life (in addition to her music) is yet another example of a serious dysfunction in the priorities of the human race. Since we are capable of inventing anything to make our lives better, we are certainly able to make our emotional lives better. The question is…will we continue to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors or will we break the pattern. I am working to break the pattern and I can only believe, even in the midst of such greed and corruption, that we can and will forge a path of positive growth. At the very least I can practice behaving in ways that I can admire no matter what others are doing and I can nurture healthy relationships and let the others move along.
      Sweet discussion. Thank you for teaching me so much.

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