Orange Papers Archive Here

If you are an Orange Papers fan, you may have noticed this invaluable resource is no longer available on it’s original server.  I have been unable to locate Sir Orange and have not gotten verified accounts of his whereabouts.  I can only hope he is alive and well and has good reason for his website being archived.

I can also pass on the archived website to you 12 Step Cult Religion Exposed readers.  If you have not read the Orange Papers, you are in for a world of an education.  He spent years compiling all this information and it would be a damn shame for it to disappear.  So please share every where.

If anyone knows of his whereabouts, please do comment here.  In the meantime, please share this archive on your blog or website.

I do hope this finds you well and keep coming back!


29 comments on “Orange Papers Archive Here

  1. The Orange Papers website has been moved to: “orange-papers.info”. The developer of the site is retired, and no longer “updating” the site, but it is still very much ALIVE!
    P.S. To evangelize THIS SITE, and also continue to “out” the idiocy of “12 Steppism”, you can visit “Quora.com”, and “answer” the posted questions.

  2. He is semi-active on Twitter, his most recent tweet was June 18.
    orange-papers.info worked for me just now, there is also what looks like a slightly older version at http://aorange1.tripod.com/.
    Chris S.

  3. Thank you so much for this archive. It hurts to not see it up there as .com, org or info.The world needs these orange-papers!

  4. Been looking for the orange papers… incredible source

  5. Reblogged this on Oneoflokis's Blog and commented:
    This was and is a great site and resource!!

  6. narcotics anonymous victoria sound like this and i don’t really want to talk about drug and drinking in churches that support pedophile priest ,, do a moral inventory

  7. I wish there was a formatted version you could read from your phone where all the text fit on one screen. It’s so much work to slide back and forth for every line.

    Such good material if you find another link please post

  8. Orange! Where are you? Your site saved my sanity 7 years ago! Thank you. And wherever you are, I’m sending much love.

  9. ORANGE PAPERS NOW AT: “aorange1.tripod.com”, Just saw them there right now as of the date of this post-11/16/2021

  10. sound familiar to what goes down in melbourne in narcotics anonymous and alcoholics anonymous

  11. these papers saved me from aa and na in melbourne

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