How’s To Deprogram From The 12 Step Cult Religion Alcoholics Anonymous by Mark W. Scheeren

Hello Readers!  Just a quick introduction to the Freedom Model with a short article on how to deprogram from the 12 step cult in case you or a loved one is struggling with the “disease doing push-ups in the parking lot.”  The fear-mongering of this cult can be a thing of the past for you or someone’s for which you care.

Here’s hoping this finds you well and remember, there are alternatives to the 12 step cult. If fact, there are many alternatives, one of which you will find right here.

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4 comments on “How’s To Deprogram From The 12 Step Cult Religion Alcoholics Anonymous by Mark W. Scheeren

  1. I gave “The Freedom Model” 5 STARS on “Amazon.com”, and will repeat here what I said in my review on Amazon. This book (if marketed and promoted correctly!) has THE POTENTIAL to become THE REPLACEMENT FOR the nonsense of AA’s “Alcoholics Anonymous” tome, and NA’s “Basic Text”. It is going to take a LOT of effort of those at BRI to get this book out there. I can only hope it gets faster and better reviews then the nonsense of the “bibles” of 12 Steppism. The book puts the mindset of addiction EXACTLY where it belongs-ON THE INDIVIDUAL WITH IT! If a person truly wants out of ANY “addiction”, The Freedom Model is an excellent place to start!

    • Of course as Mark states in this article, Steppers will rail against these truths. They’re too far brainwashed to even consider the truth about their perfect-but-you-are-forever-powerless cult religion. For those looking for an actual solution rather than an excuse to stay “sick” forever, there’s the Freedom Model.

      Thank you for the comment!

  2. Thank you! Good stuff

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