12 Step Trauma. Your “Drug Rehab” Does NOT Want You To Get Well

Treatment as usual (TAU) in the 12 step cult religion world of the $35 billion rehabilitation business does not want you to get well.  They want you to repeat your substantial investment in their very low cost cult religion tax-free business as many times as possible during the course of your life and the life of your family members… since addiction is a family disease according to 12 step cult propaganda even though addiction is not a disease at all.  This is simply the unadulterated, undeniable, indesputible truth.

April Wilson Smith, MPH, a 1996 graduate of Yale University currently pursuing her PhD in Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University in the US city Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania, has written the short piece linked below which outlines how and why your rehab facility cannot and will not make the changes necessary to treat you and your trauma with effective modalities.  Why?  Implementing the changes from a shame-based 12 step cult religion “free” modality to a “trauma-informed culture” is not only out of their budget, it would mean you could get help and move on with your life.  Moving on with your life is not allowed in the 12 step cult culture and these rehab owners are not about to spend the money on modalities that will cut their bottom line.  After all, they’ve got multiple mortgages to pay!

Please click on the link below to access April’s piece.  She wisely refrains from outright calling the 12 step cult religion to the mat, since doing so makes editors wince due to the 12 step cult disciple backlash they know will be forthcoming.  I, thankfully, do not have such censorship restrictions here on my blog.

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15 comments on “12 Step Trauma. Your “Drug Rehab” Does NOT Want You To Get Well

  1. VERY helpful Thanks so much!
    Will distribute to clients ASAP…….

  2. You would think by now that HMO’s, PPO’s and other medical/mental health insurance would have CUT OFF BY NOW, any and all payments to any and all rehabs. that utilize 12 Step based “treatment” (they would save MILLIONS!). 12 Step “treatment” is about as effective as “faith-hearing” is, and is pretty much the same worthless thing, since the religion of “12 Steppism” is very much “faith-based”! The fact that it wants to keep clients “uncertain”, “insecure”, and REPEATEDLY TRAUMATIZED, shows it has never had, and will NEVER HAVE a client’s well-being in mind! Why these places are allowed to be licensed, and why they have not been SUED OUT OF EXISTENCE is beyond me!

    • This fact is beyond me as well AY! It makes me queasy every time this diabolical cult and its motherships known as “rehabs” are reflected in films and tv shows almost always in a positive light as if the “you have to want it to get it’ has any merit whatsoever. THE MOST BRILLIANT CULT OF ALL TIME!

      You’re absolutely correct – the 12 step cult RETRAUMATIZES clients on purpose and that will never change. Faith healing snake oil is the OPPOSITE of help and that is clearly by design. As April shows in her piece, there is no oversight and THAT is also by design. “Anonymity” in this case, is to protect the cult, not the client.

      Thank you for commenting! Please share everywhere.

  3. Thank you for this. I have been so frustrated with the whole “program” and the platitudes and dogmas that have been continually spewed at me. I am a proud atheist and telling me to pray to a doorknob or “good orderly direction” is beyond insulting. I don’t even want to go back to my old ways, but there HAS to be another way. I am losing my mind around these people.

    • That’s by design! They want you to lose your mind and rely only on their dangerous cult religion with nothing but self-fulfilling prophesies of self-blame until the day you die “alcoholic.”

      Good for you for keeping your power!

      There are far better options and you don’t need a program at all but If you’re looking for actual help, see here. Thefreedommodel.org

      Thank you so much for commenting and keep coming back! 😉

  4. Some common red flags to watch for with AA member gurus…

    They will start a conversation with you (a total stranger) with “So… Are you new?”
    — It may seem over reactive but when that is the first question they ask, it is a warning signal, however innocent it may seem at first.

    The very next question they ask is “So… don’t mean to pry or anything but… What is your day count?”
    — Right here is when you need to bail from the conversation because they have you in this double-question patter of putting you on the spot to answer not just once, but twice, and this is not purposely scripted but they are following the same script with many many newcomers.

    Then they ask “So… where are you from?”
    — Again you have another really broad an trapping question hurled at you, and it is conspicuous how so many Old Timers use this same exact script.

    The almost never recipricate with sharing where they were born, or how ling they have not drank, or how long they have been going to the meeting. No, they question a newcomer and then shuffle off to the next person with this air of completely self orchestrated level of importance in a room.

    Oh no… actually the third question is often “So… let me get your number and you can call sometime.”
    They get a persons number within 1 or 2 minutes like it is a trusting relationship so quickly. Then they scuffle off with you number and they are prowling for more numbers. Some have literally thousands of AA members phone numbers. They think that is what you are supposed to do to keep sober. Why though is it always the same exact script?

    Why does AA have so many creepy people in there?

    • Great advice! Even better advice is to avoid these cult meeting in the first place!

      Why are there so many creeps in the 12 step cult religion? Just as you pointed out… they can act as if they are helpful saviors while gaslighting everyone around them and not only getting away with it, but being admired for it! In this cult it’s either you abuse or you’re the victim of abuse. They are harming others and they enjoy it so nice they can blame everyone else other than themselves when the shit hits the fan which is inevitable.

      • Dysfunctionals “treating” dysfunctionals means a DYSFUNCTIONAL environment with DYSFUNCTIONAL operations and DYSFUNCTIONAL results! You are better off with “treatment” from the residents of a local psychiatric hospital or the loony-tune in the White House!

  5. Just act too intellectual around them–it is as garlic to a vampire, to them. I know a guy who actually treats of this as a hobby, going to AA meetings, just to frustrate them.

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